Monday, 20 October 2008

Hockey, Cats, and Random Questions

First, Hockey:
The nooks got blanked by that Maine team, and the $&$*ing Seawolves took the the Gold Rush. Not pretty. Again, they weren't hot on the powerplays - obviously, since they were /blanked/. The Wings had a `meh` weekend, with an overtime win against the Rangers. Technically a win, but nothing good enough for me to raise the jolly-rodger. Especially after the Canucks game.

Second, News:
Anchorage has a Feral Cat problem. I've got a solution to the Feral Cat problem, but it's not quite what the story's author had in mind... God those biologist folk are so mean, eh? I find the bit about `You can't kill them, it's illegal!` to be rather incredulous. Under ADF&G rules, deleterious exotic species may be killed whenever, wherever, with nothing but safety related restrictions (e.g., no firing your 40 cal at pigeons downtown Anchorage). I don't see why Feral Cats would be exempt from that.
As a side note, there's an interesting line of thought linking schizophrenia to a zoonotic disease from cats. It sounds bizarre, but there might actually be something to the `crazy cat lady` phenomenon.

The ADN ran a story about Palin's Yup'ik connections via her husband. I'm not going to address the `is he Yup'ik or not` talk. That's not for anyone to decide, and it's not strictly a matter of heredity (though, that's got a role to be sure). I will, however, reply to the story by saying Charles Curtis was a lower 48 Native. He was also our first Native Vice-President. Never hear of him? Well, you didn't miss much. Mostly, he spent his time trying to stomp tribes out of existence, before becoming a do-nothing VP. Just being married to a group, or even being a member of a group, does not make you good for that group. You have to look at how that person actually acts.

Random Question:
Hey. Why doesn't ice form around where the mirror attaches to the windshield? Anyone know? Here's an older picture to show what I mean. Not from this month, obviously!

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