Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Antler types

Mostly for Avery, who asked a question thingy:
Here's a quick picture from one of our teaching spaces in my building. We have a nice mount next to a moose rack.
Now, you can probably see the gross differences between them. Some people consider Caribou/Reindeer antlers to be palmate. I think beyond the shovel, you're hard pressed to make the argument that there's sufficient fill between the tines (points) of the rack to qualify it as palmate. I would consider the Fallow Deer to be palmate, as opposed to Caribou. Others, like Geist, would probably disagree with me.

I get the ultimate copout in arguments, though. I'm not a morphologist. I'm not overly concerned with the differences. If it's not scottishDNA, it's crrrrrraap. Not really, but it's still fun to say


Arvay said...

Wow that Scottish fallow deer fellow is amazing! Thanks for the photos and explanations!

Arvay said...

Oh wait, haha. He's not Scottish. Just your reference. :)